Why It’s All Up to AIA

That is the topic of Joshua Greenbaum’s recent blog post during OpenWorld, detailing the reasons why he feels AIA is so important to Oracle.

“I used to think that Fusion Apps (did I say I was impressed with what I saw? So what, it’s worth saying twice) would be the make-or-break development on which would ride the future of the company. But more and more that make-or-break role is falling to AIA. This product, which orchestrates all the different processes across the vast, and disparate, Oracle Applications stack, is the place where the vision of Oracle becomes reality: There is no way for Oracle to pull off rationalizing its massive acquisition strategy without AIA making all the interprocess communications between, say, Glog, Siebel, Oracle Financials and PeopleSoft HR (and SAP, while we’re at it) seamless, easy, and fast. Absent a highly performant AIA middleware layer, Oracle’s dream of cross application process functionality becomes a user nightmare.”

A must-read article.

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