Oracle OpenWorld 2010: Must-see AIA Sessions

This year’s OpenWorld should be one of the biggest, so to ensure you don’t miss your favorite AIA sessions, here is the Focus on AIA session guide (pdf).

Also, check out the 5 must-see AIA sessions, which includes my session “S316877 – Practical Insight on using Application Integration Architecture” (yes, we do have to spell out AIA in full, but that’s another story). That’s at Moscone West L3, Room 3011 on Thursday, September 23 at 1:30pm. I will be presenting on the usage of various AIA features and tools in a typical implementation, so if there is anything specific you would like to hear about, drop me a comment below.

See you at OpenWorld!

Correction Sep 14, 2010: There are six sessions, not five listed on the page.


2 thoughts on “Oracle OpenWorld 2010: Must-see AIA Sessions

  1. I really enjoyed your Thursday AIA session, It will really help us to start with AIA 11gR1. I asked you to show something regarding Error Framework, can you please send some info.

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