Integrating with Oracle Fusion Applications: Discovering Integration Artifacts

This is a first in a series of posts I hope to write on the topic of integrating with Oracle Fusion Applications, which is the next generation of enterprise applications built on top of Oracle Fusion Middleware. My goal is to share the ease with which integrations are now possible using standards-based technologies with enterprise applications.

Oracle Fusion Applications are designed and built from the ground up using a service-oriented architecture (SOA). As I have discussed in an earlier post, visibility and control are the key tenets to SOA governance, and the first step in integrating with Oracle Fusion Applications is to find out what are the integration options available. Oracle Enterprise Repository, an industry-leading metadata repository, provides this visibility.

Oracle Enterprise Repository for Oracle Fusion Applications can be used to discover functional and technical information about integrating with other applications, including web services, business events, interface tables and data model documentation among other artifacts.

Oracle Enterprise Repository for Oracle Fusion Applications

Oracle Enterprise Repository for Oracle Fusion Applications

To maximize the usage of the repository, I have posted a white paper “Making the Most of the Oracle Enterprise Repository for Oracle Fusion Applications” – also available from the Help link on the top right of the repository. I thank Nigel King, Tim Hall and Kris Doherty for their valuable inputs and reviews on the paper. I hope that our customers and partners will find this a useful resource to mine the repository content. In future posts, I will discuss various best practice integration patterns i.e. how to integrate with Oracle Fusion Applications.

Note: Access to the repository and the white paper requires an Oracle account.