The first AIA for SAP PIP released!

The Agile PLM to SAP: Design to Release PIP was released as part of the AIA Release Vehicle 2.3. More details can be found in this datasheet.

From an AIA perspective, this PIP only goes to prove the value proposition of the architecture. The PIP was built based on the existing Agile PLM to EBS PIP based on the best practice “Design to Release” process. There was >70% reuse of the services that was created for the E-Business Suite PIP. The remaining 30% were specific to E-Business Suite and not relevant for the SAP integration, and only those specific SAP connectors had to be built. It took a partner only four months development time to build out those connectors and deliver this integration.  This not only reduced the cost of developing this integration but drastically reduced the execution risk by reusing services and following the design patterns using the AIA reference architecture.