Using Cloud OER to Find Fusion Applications On-Premise Service Concrete WSDL URL

In my previous post on Fusion Applications Integration, the Fusion Applications OER white paper explains Oracle Enterprise Repository (OER) usage in the applications context, assuming a dedicated OER for your Fusion Applications instance (whether cloud/SaaS or on-premise). Having a dedicated OER instance is recommended as it can provide customized service metadata and can be used for overall SOA governance in addition to simple service discovery.

One of the common queries I get is how on-premise customers without a dedicated OER can find a concrete service WSDL URL for their specific environment using the cloud hosted OER instance.

To answer this, let’s understand the two attributes on the OER service details screen.

In the Cloud OER instance, the Abstract WSDL URL link points to the Oracle-shipped non-customized service definition, which can be used by partners/ISVs for developing tenant-agnostic apps (more on that in future posts).

The concrete WSDL URL can be found in the Service WSDL URL link (highlighted in the screenshot above). In an on-premise deployment, this link points to the runtime WebLogic Server where the service has been deployed. Since the cloud OER instance is not linked with on-premise customer-specific runtime environments, the link does not work (as expected). However, you can still derive the on-premise environment-specific concrete Service WSDL URL via a simple substitution.




https://host:port/ for the specific Fusion Applications environment.

The Fusion Apps repository team is working on making usability improvements to document this in-place, along with adding additional service metadata that you are sure to find very handy when consuming the services. Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Using Cloud OER to Find Fusion Applications On-Premise Service Concrete WSDL URL

  1. we always access OER the one hosted at oracle.
    is there a way to have OER separate installation for on-permise ?

    • You can definitely install and use OER in-premise for your own services and governance needs.

      The Fusion Applications OER content is currently only available in the public, hosted version. The on-premise packaging is being worked on for 12c.

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